Are cooking and cleaning life skills? Or gender roles?

In India, we have heard many people say things like, "Oh! Poor guy! He has to cook and clean for his wife. She should be the one doing it for him. Not him. We got him married so that he gets settled in life and has someone to take care of him. But he is the one taking care of her instead." She might be working her ass off the whole day. Taking care of the family members, cooking, cleaning and also earning for the family. But nothing counts if the woman is not cooking 3 meals in a day and cleaning the whole house.

Have you encountered something like this before? Yes! Well then, you know exactly what I am talking about. In this age of gender equality, comments like the one above could be very disheartening for the woman of the house. However, most people accept the fact that gender equality is a real thing in society. There is still a handful of them who are unable to accept this idea.

Today, all parents have a responsibility towards their children to teach them how to take care of themselves, irrespective of gender. They must know the basic skills of how to be self-sufficient and independent. Especially, when these days most of the children have to go out at a certain age for studies or work. They have to be taught about this at a very young age so that it gets instilled in them for life.

I am strongly inclined towards the fact that gender equality is a real thing. All men and women were created equal by God, and it must remain that way.

Also, people must not feel a sense of shame or feel low on self-esteem, if they have to do their own dishes, laundry, cooking or cleaning. Gender aside, these are all very basic skills that everyone must know.