10 Things For Leisure - Lifestyle

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery but today is present” & “live for today as you never know what comes tomorrow” - such are the quotes that we come across many a times when we talk about life and leisure activities. And to have your own time set aside in your calendar for leisure is essential. Especially in time of pandemic, leisure activities become all the way important to maintain good physical and mental health. Such activities could be anything; it could amount to be short, small or may not hold any relevance to others but just that you immensely enjoy it.

In this article, I will share some of such activities that I think are vital for keeping up the fun and leisure in your day-to-day life.

ME time: This is not only essential but gives chance for individuals to unwind. I suggest each individual should have their “me” time earmarked each day to make sure you have the fun element going in your life. Say for example: I have “me” time for myself to do small cleaning chores like cleaning or arranging my books library or going for a short walks or even cleaning my vehicle. Some of the leisure activities which can be true for almost everyone are as follows:

  1. Write a Journal/ book: Writing is a novel way to express your thoughts and share your perspective. Be it a journal or book, writing is a great way to unwind and it makes a great relaxation therapy. I highly recommend to have writing included as one of the “me” activities.

  2. Library: I think having a library is essential if you enjoy reading books. A library at home doesn’t need to be fancy or big. It can be small, having your favorite set of books, articles and magazines. It just needs to be cleaned once in a while and books needs to be listed and arranged properly – if you like to keep it organized. Also, arranging the books properly saves time searching for the right one at a later time. You don’t want to waste your vital “me” time looking for your book when you could have arranged them in right order for quick selection.

  3. Scrapbook or albums: Scrapbooks and photo-albums are considered primitive in times of i-pads and i-phones. But if such activities interest you then go for it. I myself love photo albums and some of the pictures collected are from the “Kodak” times when not everything was digital. Both scrapbook and albums are great way to relax and enjoy life memories. It keeps you abreast on how life has progressed so far and most of the times the affect is quite fascinating.

  4. Spa-day at home: A relaxing bath can make wonders to your mood and bring positive vibe to your day. Face massage is another short but excellent way to unwind and at the same time it rejuvenates your skin. And don’t forget, it brings that magic glow to your face. Some folks even like to make bath bombs, bath oils and essence with their kids – which is also a creative way to unwind.

  5. Cleaning: It makes you feel really good after you have completed your cleaning chores. Be it cleaning and polishing your home floors, cleaning your cabinets or home office, cleaning your garage or even your vehicle. Cleaning keeps the germs away and gives you feel of relaxation once your chores are done – as the things or articles become nice and clean.

  6. Make a video: These days you can make a video of almost anything that interests you. For example: make a cooking recipe or a bake video. With kids, baking is another creative way to find your inner talents and use them as a way to relax. Some people like to do their video blogs, some like to record their outdoor games, some just like to dress up as superheroes while some make video for fun. The options are enormous and the scale of video making is ever expanding given lot of content is moving online leveraging the times of pandemic lock-downs.

  7. Listen to music: Listening to your favorite tunes, songs and music is another magical and effective way to enjoy your leisure time. Every individual has a different taste in music and type of music they like. Everyone tends to have a favorite track which they like to hear from time and again. I love music myself and have a music albums placed in ‘my-favorites’ folder of my device specifically for the “me” time.

  8. Couch potato: Be a couch potato once in a while. Sit on your couch with your favorite drink, at your favorite time, with snacks and enjoy your TV show. This one never fails and has worked for many since the advent of couch and the television.

  9. Exercise: Given I just talked about being couch potato in the last bullet, exercising the next day is sure short way to burn the extra calories that you might have accumulated otherwise while binge watching you favorite television show. More than finishing those crunches, getting active is more important in current times of the pandemic. Be it a walk, biking, routine work-out or even meditation, exercise is a great way to relax and keep healthy at the same time.

  10. Play games: Having games handy while indoors is great way to unwind with family. I know for some people “me” time is exclusive for themselves but some folks like to use their own time in day to spend on family bonding activities. Board games, karaoke night, charades are great way to your time relaxing, having fun and at the same time bonding with your family.

Overall leisure is important factor in ones day-to-day life i.e. to maintain a healthy, fun and active lifestyle. I cannot stress more the importance of unwinding, if possible – each day, to keep a healthy perspective towards life and make living in pandemic a happy rather than a stressful choice. Hopefully the leisure and relaxation activities provided in this article is helpful and makes leading your daily lifestyle all the more better and fun.