Staying Positive during the Covid-19 pandemic

Have you heard about washing your hands, sanitizing, cleaning the floors, washing clothes, eating spices to boost up the immune system? Well then, you are riding in the same boat as me. With the rise of the usage of all the social media apps during the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is soaking up all the forwarded videos, pictures, and texts available on these mediums like a sponge. And every content soaked in creates a memory in our minds. The more we take in such information, the more our mind is starting to get worried about the pandemic.
I am not saying that watching this content is wrong, but watching it in excess or watching the same thing over and over again, certainly is.
On one hand, it is great to have social media around us to make us aware of the situation, but, on the other, excess of this information over and over again is causing people to panic. Some patients are preferring to give it up to the virus very easily, thinking that it is evident that they are going to be seriously impacted by the virus. Strong will power, correct information, and the right treatment is what is required to fight this virus, at this time. Negative thoughts created by certain content on media is a big problem these days.
Old people, people staying alone, parents, children, couples, everybody is facing the problems caused by social distancing, school closures, and travel bans. At this time, it becomes extremely important to be aware of what is going on and taking precautionary measures, but not filling up our thoughts with only that.
Children and old people are the ones most affected by these situations. Young developing minds are trying to figure out everything, and being over-fed with the information, are wondering if they are all going to be impacted one day because of this. Children need to be assured that they are safe inside when they keep themselves clean. And not be overburdened with too many facts and figures. Similarly, most elderly people are staying alone, either in old age homes or otherwise. Getting the information that the elderly are at the maximum risk, around 20 times a day, could be overwhelming.
Having talked about all this, it is extremely important to stay positive, happy, and keeping ourselves busy throughout the day. Pick up a hobby. Gardening, cooking, dancing, reading, exercising, playing games, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Involve your kids and family in it with you. Stroll inside the house, if not the park. Listen to some good music. Spend some quality time with your partner which is very difficult to find otherwise in this busy world. Chat with friends and family over the phone. Studies have shown that staying positive increases immunity and hence, reduces the risk of getting infected.
Stay happy and use this opportunity to build a stronger bond with friends and family. Love and take care of each other. Warm hugs and kisses could be a bonus. Make the most of this time.


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